What’s the Best Day of the Week to Search for Listings?

What’s the Best Day of the Week to Search Real Estate Listings?

Summer 2022

Summer means a lot of things to different people. Some love the warm weather – gardening, pool days, and ice cream sundaes. Meanwhile, others would rather sit inside a cool air-conditioned room, enjoying the change of season from the comfort of their home. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, the warm weather does mean one clear thing – prime moving season has arrived. In fact, according. to the Maryland Association of Realtors, a majority of all real estate sales occurs every year between April and September. And yes, while we are still in the midst of a seller’s market currently, an increase in volume will have an impact on market conditions. With an increase in sales activity and the current market conditions requiring buyers to move swiftly, you are left with one important question – When should I browse for new listings?

Which Day Is Best?

Since we transitioned into a seller’s market, the average number of days on market (DOM) has drastically decreased. Consequently, many listings are tending to go active Thursdays mornings. This frequently allows enough of time for the listing agent to host an open house over the weekend and for buyers’ agents to show the property before best-and-highest offers may be asked to be submitted by Sunday evening or mid-day Monday.

So, What Should I Do?

Now, like many things in life, trending patterns cannot be a hard rules. As a result, buyers should review all listings that meet their criteria as they become available. This may seem overwhelming if you are using a third-party website like Zillow to search through all active listings in a particular area. However, with the assistance of a qualified real estate professional, you can have personalized results tailored to your individual preferences. Instead of torturing yourself by constantly hitting the refresh button, you can have an email delivered to you as soon as a listing hits the market – keeping you one step (or several days) ahead of the competition.