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Finding a new place to call home can be an extremely stressful process. Sometimes, with all the paperwork, application fees, and everything else you are tasked with, it feels like the housing market caters more to landlords than the tenant – leaving you feeling overwhelmed. However, it doesn’t have to be.

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If you are looking to rent a home in the next couple weeks or months, the process starts with an informal conversation. Whether in-person, over the phone, or on Zoom, let’s chat.

Goals & Qualification

We will work together to explore your wants and needs, establish goals, and connect your expectations to a timeline.

Tour Properties

After navigating the tenant-readiness process, we will begin to tour properties that meet your defined criteria.

Tenant Due Diligence

Sometimes the perfect home isn’t perfect, and even if it is, the landlord might fall short of your expectations. We’ll work together to ensure you are satisfied.

Submit an Application

When you have found the home of your dreams, I will help you navigate the application process from start to finish.

Sign a Lease

Closing is the final step in the process. During closing, the deed of title is prepared for transfer and the agreed-on costs are paid.

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